Saloan, tell us your #fashiontruth

To offer a product that is both style and quality while being animal fiber free and consciously sourced. A brand that educates us on the power of choice and lives by example.

What are your core brand values?

Transparency, Animal Free, Local, Ethical, Environmentally Conscious, Education

What do you want your brand to contribute to the conversation around ethical fashion?

Why our choices matter & how to implement change in our day to day lives.

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Launch year | 2018

Main Manufacturing Countries | Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

Where to find them (online) | We dash love, Alice is Back, Lagom Studios, Ethi

Visit in store:

Swoon | Hawthorn VIC

Design A Space | Fitzroy VIC

Rooster & Rabbit | Yamba NSW


More about Saloan

Saloan has always enjoyed fashion. As a little girl growing up she had always insisted on dressing herself, quite often in some very questionable ways! In her mid twenties she found herself living in Norway working as a stylist and it was there that she learnt the art of minimalism.

As time went on, she continued to surround herself with things that inspired her, and she found within herself a deep connection with mother nature. Wanting to move beyond styling, she returned to Australia to study fashion design.

Saloan eventually reached a point where a bright light was shone on the complete exploitation of both human and animal rights. Unable to turn away, she looked further into how the fashion industry was impacting the planet and all living within it; not realizing at the time that this information would be the very reason why she would go on to create Salia Jac.