Tamara, tell us your #fashiontruth

Our fashion truth is to create work that represents those emotions and spirits that we cant put to words through the vehicle of mindful and considered design. Fashion is such a tactile and intimate medium; our goal is to add to the design landscape that highlights those nuanced emotions. The ones that are with us daily that we cant put to words. We use our brand to give voice to those unspoken truths that still affect our daily life experience through both imagery and design that is ethical, inclusive, and evolving.

What are your core brand values?

Sustainability, Low Impact, Cruelty Free, Inclusivity, Body Positivity, Mindful, Considered design

What do you want your brand to contribute to the conversation around ethical fashion?

Providing a platform for the celebration of diverse bodies, aesthetics and influences traditionally not included in mainstream ethical fashion.


Launch year | 2016

Main Manufacturing Countries | Australia

Where to find them (online) | Lustr

Visit in store:

Ukiyo | Hobart, TAS

Tradestore Tallangatta | Tallangatta, VIC

Coco & Frida | Queenscliff, VIC