Sandra, tell us your #fashiontruth

I really enjoy the processes of making a collection; doing the research, drafting the patterns and producing the pieces. I studied in England and I was taught a lot of tailoring techniques that I wanted to continue using. In London, the fashion industry is very open to forward design that is not always commercial and after working in their industry I wanted to recreate my own thing in Melbourne; a label that incorporates creativity and experimentation.

What are your core brand values?

High quality fabrics that are produced ethically and environmentally friendly. Most of our fabrics are made in Japanese Mills, mostly made to order to reduce wasteful fabric runs. All our fabric consists of natural fibres; like cotton, wool, silk and linen.

Garment cuts that are well-fitting and contain unique details. It’s important to make unique items that are cherished for many years to come. It can become very wasteful to reproduce the same styles over and over again. Sourcing good quality and unique fabrics in combination with our experimental cuts, ensures we are making a statement.

What do you want your brand to contribute to the conversation around ethical fashion?

I think Oneiric is one of the labels in a group of emerging ethical brands; the Melbourne fashion industry is really changing for the better and there are so many great brands that work within the same processes we do. I guess the more ethical labels we have in Melbourne the better consumer habits will become and hopefully we can lesson the hold fast fashion has on people. By keeping my label going, I’m not only putting better clothes out there but it is also a message to other designers that it is possible to build an ethical industry.


Launch year | 2015

Main Manufacturing Countries | Japan (fabric), Copenhagen (fabric), Melbourne (production)

Visit in store:

Hanging Rock Store | Fitzroy 327 Smith st

Curated Workshop | 260 Collins St level 1