Lisa's Wrap Up #TRUTHS


Two-thousand-and-eighteen: The Year I lost myself in the hustle of the startup world and had to find my way back to me again.

February 20, 2019

#1. Been in love? [not sure]

#12. What’s attractive? [banter]

#14. Travel? [haven’t lived in my home country for 11 years]

#19. Pool or ocean? [ocean 100%]

#38. Fear? [non-acceptance]

#39. Can you whistle? [no]

#43. Surfing or skateboarding? [surfing]

#53. Natural hair colour? [dirty blonde]

Yes to /

Feelings / Giving a Shit / Creativity / The Ocean / Lazy Sunday Mornings

No to /

Waste / Trump / TV / Fakes / Gluten


Last Year /

  • Got my Masters

  • Presented at the Sustainable Fashion Summit in Copenhagen

  • Questioned the true impact of those big summits

  • Got a handwritten thank you letter from Clare Press

  • Quit my job in retail

  • Started working for the Australian Fashion Council

  • Worked for an indigenous fashion label

  • Learned a lot about the original custodians of the land

  • Started ALT GALLERIE and got into an accelerator program

  • Lost myself in the hustle of the startup world and had to find my way back to me again

  • Didn’t surf as much as I wanted to

  • Lived paycheck to paycheck

  • Visited my family and friends in the US

  • Did my second yoga teacher training and practiced yoga a lot

  • Spoke to a lot of local emerging fashion labels about sustainability and ethics

  • Bought some new books. Started them all and didn’t finish any

  • Discovered my love for podcasts

  • Researched a lot of ethical fashion

  • Got frustrated with the sameness of ‘ethical fashion’

  • Only bought clothes that I was in love with and would last me many seasons

  • Discovered some old kicks that I forgot I had

  • Drank a lot of coffee

  • Discovered my love for cold brew

  • Dyed my hair blonde

  • Tried to meet some guys. Failed.

  • Deleted Tinder

  • Did a road trip with my mom up the East coast of Australia

  • Cried a lot

  • Pushed my comfort zone in the business world

  • Got told I’m bossy. Tried not to let it hurt my feelings. Reflected on how interact with others and how people perceive me.

  • Tried to be more ME and not what society expects.

  • Made a lot of introductions

  • Ate a shitload of dark chocolate

  • Drank a lot of red wine

  • Made some new girlfriends that will be friends forever

  • Felt overwhelmed by the systematic problem of waste

  • Struggled to explain what I do for a ‘job’

  • Burnt out

  • Went to some parties

  • Hosted some parties

  • Bought a lot of plants

  • Slept in my car and woke up at the beach

This Year /

My focus with AG is to grow the community, challenge sustainable fashion, give a voice to the people, address real issues that we experience in the fashion world, learn about what people are up to and share it, learn about what brands are up to and share it, host a few epic events, create original content that merges fashion edge with ethics. Bust most of all, just offer something different.