Lindsay's Wrap Up #TRUTHS


Two-thousand-and-eighteen: The Year I Accepted Myself More.

February 20, 2019

#4. Penpal? [Yes. Made envelopes out of fashion mags when I was 14]

#12. What’s attractive: [Integrity & Creative Action]

#20. Bright, Dark Or Pastel Colours? [Dark]

#21. Social media: [Instagram]

#23. Siblings? [only child]

#27. People say I look like: [Wonder Woman or Mia Wallace]

#33. Sign: [Virgo]

#60. Hugs or kisses: [hugs]

Yes to /

Creativity / Truth / Self-Expression / Going to new places / Making cool shit happen

No to /

Fluorescent Light / People not owning their shit / Fake people / Brands producing crap… & humans buying it / Keeping myself small


Last Year /

  • Designed & made lots of stuff

  • Got engaged!

  • Went to Canada with my fiance [to visit my family]

  • Backed myself

  • Finally Went all-in with my biz [Bouv Studios]

  • Led a visual-merch team of 6 humans for a global brand

  • Went part-time in my job

  • Ate two squares of dark chocolate every night

  • Went to therapy every week [with exception of a few]

  • Did Masters in Fashion Styling

  • Styled 8+ Photoshoots

  • Cleaned & Organized my studio. But now it's messy again

  • Didn’t travel as much as I want to

  • Got a handle on my [sometimes paralyzing] self-doubt

  • Got clear on my priorities

  • Scheduled more non-work time

  • Moved my body more

  • Gave myself a bedtime

  • Started designing product for brands again

  • Cut my hair shorter… and shorter

  • Signed another lease in a too small apartment cuz we like the massive park across the street

  • The apartment slowly became one big art studio with a bedroom

  • Read lots of books. But didn’t finish many

  • Got a subscription for ‘RUSH’ Mag for christmas

  • Switched to digital scheduling [from book planner]

  • Met lots of epic creative humans

  • Discover for instagram scheduling - Life changer

  • Worked on my own brand for a change

  • Stopped trying to do everything at once and FOCUSED

  • Went to awesome 5-day workshop on intuition & creativity

  • Accepted myself more

  • Spent way too much on wool-coats

  • Wished I payed off my credit card debt but didn’t [might have something to do with the wool coats]

  • Felt more free from my emotions. And less driven by them

  • Continued to step outside of my comfort zone

  • Felt my vision become more real

This Year /

My focus this year is to expand my business, find an epic designer to help me!, quit my part-time job (to go full-time in my business), set up more systems in my biz/life, travel more, create more things just for fun, start my own fashion brand, host another creative lifestyle event, spend more time in nature, express myself more and spend more time with epic creative humans making cool shit happen in the world!