HoMie | Of the Streets, For the Streets

Nick Pearce, Marcus Crook and Robbie Gillies fashioned the idea of a platform where people living on the streets could be heard and understood by creating the Homelessness in Melbourne page which would later evolve into a streetwear label called HoMie. The mission: provide a pathway out of homelessness by encouraging human compassion, diminishing the general negative attitude towards homeless people, and making donating easier through an innovative platform.

We had a chat with Nick on how HoMie has been continuing to push the boundaries in the streetwear scene…

What do you guys embrace as your #fashiontruth

We believe strongly in transparency and just being honest with how and where our clothes are made. We put a strong focus on quality and are committed to doing everything with integrity where no one is typically watching. For us, we would rather do things in smaller quantities if it means achieving absolute quality. That’s also why we work with a small number of people to ensure that they are well looked after and receive the best experience while working with us.

What are your core brand values?

transparency, creativity, respect and integrity

What do you want your brand to contribute to the conversation around ethical fashion?

In a time of fast fashion, there is no way we can be doing all the wonderful work we do with people in our community and then turn our heads to the exploitation happening in other countries. Staying true to our values, we want to avoid mass waste by creating quality product as well as hosting VIP days.

HoMie is Australia’s first ever store to invite people experiencing homelessness into the store to receive free high-quality clothing of their choice, a grooming session complete with haircuts and makeup, food, drinks and a friendly chat with a team of staff and volunteers on their VIP Shopping Days. By partnering with various homeless support services, HoMie supports training and facilitates employment for youth living on the streets and provides a genuine pathway out of homelessness.

How are you guys pushing the boundaries in the streetwear scene?

We were really fortunate to have been able to work with brands like Cotton On, Snowgum and Stussy - they donated clothing to us when we were first getting started which enabled us to initiate the first VIP days for the homeless. Now that we have launched our own range, we are always looking to keep things fresh and in the community through collaborations with local artists like the recent one we launched with Jimbo Bones. Our aim is to create an outlet where you can be the cool cat looking your part while creating positive impact in the world.


Launch year | 2015

Manufacturing | Melbourne, Australia

Where to find them | 296 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC