Photo: @chnge / instagram

Photo: @chnge / instagram

Activism comes in all shapes and sizes

It’s not all physical protests, but it is about determination – to support what’s right – even  if it means rejecting the status quo and rising above the noise no matter how small the action. We can sometimes get caught up in the grandeur of a huge movement, but those huge movements are always made up of smaller, local actions and our activism is often most effective when it’s as localized as possible.


Wondering where to start?

Consider your skills and passions and pursue the actions that suit you and mean the most to you. Here are 7 different ways you can engage in being a part of the change without physically attending a protest.

Photo: @brckhmptn / instagram

Photo: @brckhmptn / instagram

  1. Create

    Now more than ever, the art we create, the words we write, the stories we tell, matter. Using a creative outlet whether it be in the form of music, film, painting, writing, starting a podcast or designing a purpose-driven clothing line can all contribute to today’s modern wave of activism that inspires change.

  2. Support Purpose-Driven Businesses

    Be aware of what companies and businesses you are supporting. By supporting independent businesses who give back to the community through jobs, support programs or charity, or consciously design their products to preserve our environment, you’re not only supporting the financial growth of that business, but also the increased positive impact they will be able to make on communities and/or the environment.

  3. Radical Empathy

    Our world is a melting pot of diversity and it’s important to recognise that sometimes you just need to listen and not make it all about you. Don’t explain a time you felt similar. Just listen. Research on your own time. Practice radical empathy. And then listen some more.

  4. Volunteer

    Volunteering at a local community organization or engaging in guerrilla activities such as gardening in a public space without authorization can also be a liberating way to take positive action. Whether it be random acts of kindness or assisting an organisation to create a greater positive impact, both will contribute to creating meaningful change within the community.

  5. Vote

    Plain and simple. No matter what level, be it presidency or a local election, it is our opportunity to have a say. Voting can keep certain people from positions, therefore decreasing the need for protesting.

  6. Educate and Read

    Arming yourself with facts is never a bad idea. Read about all angles of any policy, not just your own stance, to better navigate the world we’re living in. Everyone has their own source preference, but you could start with: NPR, The Conversation, The Guardian, Google News...

  7. Donate

    If you have any extra funds lying around, find a charity or non-profit that supports a cause you are passionate about and make a donation OR check out these brands making a difference and treat yourself to a new piece of clothing while supporting a cause!

Photo: @c.b.t.y / instagram

Photo: @c.b.t.y / instagram

Find what works for you.

These are just 7 suggestions, and activism truly comes in many different forms. The goal is to find what works for you—and, most importantly, take action.